Self-Care Journal

img_9912A while ago, while at Target, I came across a journal that caught my eye. This is not much of a surprise considering how many journals I own/have been through. But I bought it.

It’s an actual self-care journal, and each page has something like a goal, or at least just something to do that could be considered self-care. Then it asks, what did you do today to take care of yourself? followed by lines to write your response. And it ends with a place to put your mood and energy level from 1-10.

I was really diggin’ on this considering my actual bullet journal has become much more of a planner as of late. Maybe I could write about my feelings again.

Then my feelings fell by the wayside as everything started to hit and I couldn’t process what emotions were anymore.

But I’m here to try again.

My plan is to, every day, do what the goal/self-care something tells me to throughout the day. Sometimes it can be time consuming like konmari-ing your closet and sometimes it can be super simple like breathe deeply. Whatever it is, we’re gonna do it. At the end of the day, I’ll write how I fared and answer the other necessary questions.

This journal has almost an entire year worth of pages. So, I guess I better get started.

Don’t neglect your self-care, and if it takes a blatantly obvious journal to get your emotions understood it’s okay. Take care of you to be the best you can be at this moment.



P.S. Today’s goal is actually to breathe deeply, so take a large breath with me now.

Breathe in.




Breathe out.





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