A Message from All of Us

Everyone has a message for you…

From Assistant Edgar:

I am taking a break. Miss TG has been busy with various things including school, work, volunteering, and family issues, so I have been stretched thin. As you can imagine, so has Miss TG.

However, things can only get better when you’re feeling down. Miss TG will be working hard, and I’ll be taking a vacation.

Have a good week, and a good quarter.


Assistant Edgar

From Caregiver Willow:

Hey, friends! ^_^

As you a-see, I had boo-boo. T.T

But I a-better now, mostly!

I still have a-boo-boo, but I out of cone of shame!

I be okay. And so will you! ❤

I a-believe in you!

For now, I a-heal. Miss Alexandra take care of you! ^_^



From Daughter Sophie:

I haven’t talked to you guys at all, and you haven’t seen me since I was adopted.

But Mama has been in, out, and everywhere else. She hasn’t been as attentive to me. Rude T.T

I just want you to know that even if she doesn’t seem to be taking care, she’s got you guys on her mind. Mama just feels bad about letting you guys down.

I’ll help out when I can, lol. Can’t do much, but I can try and I certainly do.

Be good to yourself and accept help when you need it.



From Certified Black Cat Toothless (and brothers Bram and Ash):

I just want you guys to be aware that Halloween season is coming up.

Be aware of black cats around this time.

We are adopted and abandoned, abused, and killed.

Please be good.



Is that good, Alexandra? Yeah? Cool.

From Alexandra:

Hey, friends.

Yes, I had a birthday. Yes, I dyed my hair blue. Yes, I’ve been gone for a few weeks.

Balance doesn’t exist right now, but we’re trying our best.

The reason I wanted everyone to give a message is because they won’t be giving messages anymore. I’m not happy with them (the messages, not the cats) and I wanted to move on, now that I’m trying newer things in life.

I’ve got some plans for the next few weeks of posts, but if I drop the ball again just know I either had a huge essay to write or I had some volunteering/shadowing going on.

Thanks for being you, and I hope we can all learn more together.




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