Do I Undersell?

I’ve started selling jewelry.

One of my biggest hiccups with selling wares is what to charge people. How much is it worth to me and worth to others to sell? That kind of math is beyond me, because even now as I’ve settled on a price, I’m told it’s too much or too cheap. Mostly that it’s too cheap.

So I ask myself, do I undersell?

And this question goes beyond my wares. Do I undersell myself?

I’m a young woman who’s endured a lot, traveled a little, working on her second Masters, reads (a lot), and does her taxes every year. Do I believe I’m worthwhile? No. Do I think I’m ‘allowed’ to seek what I deserve? No. Do I even think I deserve stuff? No. It’s sad but true. I actually don’t see myself ad an accomplished person.

Have I done a lot in my time? Oh, sure. But I don’t see it as amazing or ‘worth it’. As I inch closer to the end of my Masters program, I think about my future, and it’s a pessimistic viewing. From not being able to find a job to not being able to pay my bills, etc.

Now here’s where it all ties in, friends: it’s time to do math.

When you make and sell jewelry you have to math out every piece to understand that ware’s worth. From the bottle to the glitter to the hardware to the time.

We need to do the same for ourselves. Math out our moments, successes, accomplishments. From the Masters degree to living alone in Scotland to the writing to the time. And you’ll find you’re worthwhile.

Even if your accomplishments are small. You’re still worthwhile. Don’t undersell who you are as a person.

Now, to teach by example, I understand how often I undersell myself. But I’m making a concerted effort to understand my worth as a trained expert.

Also, my witchy potion earrings are priced at 15 dollars after doing some math.




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