I Don’t Celebrate ‘People’ Days

*edit: how incredibly rude of past me to not publish this properly. Here it is, albeit it a day late. Reminder, future self: double check publishing*

I hear you, “What are people days?” They are holidays that celebrate a specific person, like Washington, Lincoln, King Jr., or today (yesterday), Columbus.

It seems wrong to me to celebrate one person. “We don’t celebrate the person, we celebrate what they’ve done.” Then, why can’t it be Civil Rights Day instead of Martin Luther King Jr. Day? “If you do that then you’re disrespecting the people behind it.” Okay, then where’s federal Rosa Parks Day? Where’s Magellan Day? Where’s JFK Day?

There’s a flawed logic behind these people days, especially with Columbus Day. The man got lost ad opened the Americas to a European takeover. And that warrants a holiday in the US? A holiday Vladimir gets out of school for?!

It makes no sense to me.

That’s why I don’t celebrate ‘people’ days. I’d rather celebrate causes and movements.


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