My Thoughts On My Own Blog

The last time I wrote for you guys was 18 November 2020. I said there’d be no post on Friday and then went on a two month hiatus.

So, what happened?

Three major things: 1. The end of a really rough semester. I was very busy with schoolwork, finals, projects, finding an internship for spring, setting things in motion to graduate in 2021, and more. Hectic. 2. Covid. At the end of the semester and through my entire winter break, I was down with the sickness (cue song); I had Covid pneumonia followed by a minor sinus infection followed by hives due to an allergic reaction. It was a mess for a long time. And 3. National events in January (you know what I’m talking about) made me pretty emotional and I didn’t want to bring those emotions onto my blog.

Long story short, the last two months have been nothing but mental, physical, and emotional messiness, so I was not around.

But these two months also gave me time to think about what I wanted to change about my blog.

So, what’s gonna happen?

Not long ago, I’ve been putting more of my work, not just my thoughts, onto the site. I want to put more work and less thoughts onto the site. This gives me more incentive to create and expound, but it also lessens the stress of thinking/planning three blog posts a week. I’m hoping this will be the best for me.

So, moving forward, I’ll be posting twice a week. On Mondays, I’ll be putting up a blog post, in the same format as it has been. On Thursdays, I’ll be putting up an ‘addition to the repertoire’. Whether it’s art, writing, or something theatre-related (maybe I’ll even add critiques). It will post on the home page and add on to the submenu it belongs in.

I’m excited for this format, and I hope you guys can get excited with me. Let’s try to get this year back on track.




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