The Good and the Bad

Something I’ve been noticing recently is every good has had a bad, and every bad has had a good. Seems to be switching back and forth. This is what’s been happening to me: On the same day I found out I was approved to graduate this semester, I was rejected from a library job that could’ve helped life tremendously. On the same day I publicly let people know that auditions for my play were happening, my car was in the shop and left me with a 700$ bill, something I definitely can’t afford right now. I’ll take part in something exciting, and I’ll drop my blog posts for a week (sorry about that).

I was talking with Vladimir about this, trying to convince myself that even though the bad is happening, that means a good is around the corner, right?


It’s been harder to convince me these days, as I’ve had a minor meltdown about finances this past weekend. Money hurts, especially when you don’t have it and your ‘bad’ involve finances. It’s not for lack of trying, as a full time grad student with a part time job, an internship, trying to get experience, trying to have side hustles like Etsy (which isn’t working). It is so much harder to convince me…

But, it’s true.

Good things are around the corner. It’s about continuing. And I’ll be continuing, wondering what the good thing around the corner is.

In addition to this existentialism, I did mention above that there are auditions for my play happening soon (specifically tomorrow). It’s a play I wrote, being produced in the big town next to my tiny town at a theater. This will bring those good things, I know. It’ll also bring my work to the stage properly for the first time ever, and I’ll be an emotional person the whole time. This Thursday, I’ll put a scene on for my Repertoire Thursday, so you guys can know what it’s about. I’ll be keeping you guys updated about it.

Remember, bad things do happen, but good things are right behind it.




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