Writing: Passion Bearer

As said Monday, I have a play of mine being performed soon. Auditions were yesterday and the day before, and now we are ready to start rehearsal next week (cue me screaming into the void). I also said I’d put up a scene from the show for my Repertoire Thursday. So, it’s up. It’s under the writing tab, titled Passion Bearer, or you can click here.

The show follows Alexandra Feodorovna, the last Empress of Russia, as she’s interviewed by Alexander Kerensky (an event that actually happened). Ultimately, it’s a telling of Alexandra’s tragic life, told through memories, just before she and her family are executed. SO MUCH historical research went into this project and it has been in the writing works for about four years. I’m excited for the production team, actors, and audience to get to know Alexandra and who she really was, and how mistreated she has been then and now.

Thanks for reading, and I’m still screaming into the void that this is happening in the first place.


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