People are Fascinating

I have a problem.

I find people very fascinating. I people watch a lot, I study people, and I believe that’s why I find serial killers and certain celebrities interesting to learn about.

However. There’s someone I know who, whenever I meet up with them (constantly) the first thing they’ll mention is something celebrity-related. This actress married this comedian. And I don’t care.

I don’t like that kind of celeb info. When I say I’m interested in celebrities I mean like Willem Dafoe talking about his roles and how lovely some scripts were, or that Ashton Kutcher is such an intelligent man and has been fighting child trafficking for years, or whatever Robert Downey Jr is doing these days. I find the inner workings so fascinating. The person I know doesn’t care about talking about that.

People are the most complex things on Earth, and I don’t think we should just focus on our inner circles or just on a celebrity status. Be wondrous of people. Who knows what goes on in their head. But don’t just focus on the status (it also makes them seem objective rather than as a person).

Just had to get thoughts out. Happy Monday!


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