Repertoire: March Bullet Journal

I didn’t know if this fell under DIY or writing or some other category, so I just put it as repertoire. (And looking at it now, I still don’t know if that’s right…)

Because of the absolute mayhem that is this final semester, I resorted to buying myself an actual planner. I don’t have to think about dates or making calendars or waiting to write in events for future months. But what about my bullet journal? My bujo has helped me keep track of emotions and health, has been a way to journal regularly, and a place to put the little mementos of life. I didn’t want to rid myself of it, so I just changed it up a bit.






First of all, it’s still my way to keep track of my life. I have a calendar with important dates, school stuff, goals, minor bills that come directly out of my bank, books to read, etc. I also have a daily review to keep me responsible, where I track my mood, my productivity, how I’m doing on a secret project, gratitude, and my craft. This is to remind me of my focus and what I ultimately need to do this month.

This is very different to what I normally do. Besides the fun image page, which I always have, I put in more things to track or pages that would help me out. These include a brain dump (that’s very empty right now), a place to keep track of my creative goals, a much-needed self love section, and a place to keep track of my play rehearsal schedule and jewelry to make for Etsy.

This has been good to me so far, and it hasn’t been too much trouble having two notebooks for planning.

Do what’s best for you!


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