I’ve already mention ‘The Producers’ and ‘A Christmas Carol’ on my Production page, so here are the other ones.


The Pirates of Penzance

Magic Valley Repertory Theatre. Spring 2019. A ward.

Never did I ever think I could perform in an opera, but here you go. I played one of the Major-General’s wards (in the pic, the one with the glasses and the book next to the Major-General). It was so funny and so fun, and my voice got a new kind of workout.


Book Club

Scratch. Spring 2017. One-woman show.

I wrote and performed a one-woman spoken word about books (obviously) when I was still a student in Glasgow.

The Wildman

BYU-I. Fall 2015. Narrator.

This was actually a class where in the end we performed a show for elementary school classes for multiple days. I was one of the narrators who was on stage literally the entire time, and I had cymbals I could crash which made it extra fun. On closing night, I also got to do some story-telling before our show.


Clever Jack and the Pirates

BYU-I. Spring 2015. Scottish pirate, chorus member.

This was a family-fun musical written by my old professor, J Omar Hansen (the dapper man on the right). The villain was a pig! It’s the best for kids. I was a pirate, as well as other roles like a pig and a villager, but the pirate was the best part. I also got to show everyone how terrible I am at a Scottish accent (before moving to Scotland).

White Christmas

Playmill Theatre. December 2014. Seamstress.

I was chosen as one of maybe two girls for their acting over their dancing (I think). I got to boss some people around and throw a dress in someone’s face. It was a good show! It’s still one of my fondest acting memories.


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