The New Blog

January of this year, I had a solid look into my website and my blog style. It had been two months since I had written due to school, Covid, and other emotional issues. I decided to try lessening my post amount and by doing a repertoire to get me to be more creative.

Why I decided to do that at the beginning of the last semester of graduate school, I have no idea. It certainly was a dumb idea on my part, and pretty soon I wasn’t blogging again. My last post was a bullet journal post at the very beginning of March.

It was time for a new change that might finally work for me.

As you may have seen, the website is very different. There’s an actual home page and a blog page. The home page will change as needed, but will stay pretty stationary. This site is now mainly to showcase my work and what I’m doing. Selfish, I know. Beyond changing the format, not much has changed. I still enjoy writing, reading, theatre work, and art, and they will be the focus. I hope you still enjoy that as well.

Now, I have to explain the blog. Under the blog menu, I’ll write a blog as I deem necessary. I won’t have a schedule, I won’t have a set idea. The updates will happen when I feel I have the need to say something, which I’m hoping is more than every three months. The blog will be updated only on the blog menu, no longer on the home page. In addition, the old posts won’t be readily available on the blog menu (I couldn’t figure it out otherwise they would’ve been). However, if you scroll to the bottom of the page, you’ll find the tags for the previous blog posts, and they will take you to the archived posts. Have fun browsing through if you’d like.

There’s one more thing I need to figure out, and maybe you guys can help me. I don’t know if updating the blog will notify those who follow the site. If so, great! If not, I’ll have to figure out how I can notify you guys with every update. Any ideas would be great.

Thanks for your patience and support.

Hope you guys like the new site!


Alexandra TG


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