When You’re Leaving in 4 Days and Realize OH SH!T I Have So Much To Do!!!

The truth has come out: I’m heading out. For a trip. Mini vacation! I’d usually be totally okay, packing list done, started packing, have all the plans set up. Not this time! As I’ve mentioned before, I’m back in school getting another Masters. I’m a full time student, which means three hardcore classes a semester.Continue reading “When You’re Leaving in 4 Days and Realize OH SH!T I Have So Much To Do!!!”

Playlists I Have and Need On My Phone

Music is a saving grace in my life. I have a playlist for every occasion and every emotion possible. One of the things I do get asked (besides book recommendations because duh) is music recommendations. I listen to everything, and I mean everything. Of course, I have preference, but I consider myself open minded withContinue reading “Playlists I Have and Need On My Phone”

Favorite Movie Exercise

Recently, I was doing some research on favorites. Why do we have favorites, what might they say about us, and how do they shape our personalities? In my research, I found this article about favorite movies. And I was fascinated! I recommend reading it (found here), but the basic gist is something about you mightContinue reading “Favorite Movie Exercise”