Repertoire: What to Expect

As stated in Monday’s post, Thursdays will be about adding to my repertoire. So, this is just to let you guys know what to expect on these Repertoire Thursdays (or whatever I’ll call it). Art I create two types of art pieces: colored pencil drawings and the Just Vinyl comics. My colored pencil work isContinue reading “Repertoire: What to Expect”

Creating Earrings and Bullet Journals

After a madhouse of a time, we’re still creating. It’s October, meaning it’s spooky season. It’s also a new month, so that means a new bujo spread. This month, I went for a witchy vibe, since I’m looking into and starting to practice witchcraft. I’m really enjoying this look and this theme. As well, I’veContinue reading “Creating Earrings and Bullet Journals”

August Bullet Journal & Reading

This month is my mother’s birthday month, so I wanted to go with a green theme. Because I have some green washi tape with Totoros, I decided to make August’s theme Studio Ghibli, specifically Hayao Miyazaki’s Ghibli work. My Neighbor Totoro is also her favorite Ghibli movie, so it worked out well. As usual, IContinue reading “August Bullet Journal & Reading”

A Recipe Post featuring My Snapchat

This is mostly for comedy’s sake, but if you want to try this as well I got you. Once in a blue moon, I’ll put my cooking on Snapchat. It’s a fun step-by-step instruction on something super simple to cook (I’m not a chef and kinda suck at making fancy things). So, I thought I’dContinue reading “A Recipe Post featuring My Snapchat”