Bullet Journal Set Up for July

Something I’ve been watching on YouTube lately is bujo layouts. Because I’m poor, I can’t always afford to order some bujo stickers, so I was wondering what I could do instead. Considering I have quite a few sticker collections, I decided to create my own themes using what I already have (which makes a lotContinue reading “Bullet Journal Set Up for July”

Trying Chinese Brush Painting

Something like two years ago, I got a Chinese brush painting set. It was something else I could learn and maybe enjoy. Also, Chinese brush painting is beautiful, so I definitely wanted to try it. Two years later, I’m finally trying it. First things first, I gotta look into it. Luckily it came with aContinue reading “Trying Chinese Brush Painting”

The Christmas Notebook

It’s the holiday season (the holiday season). So a whoop-de-doo. Sorry. As you may know, I am all about the organization. Stalking Pinterest gave me an idea to organize my Christmas with a notebook. It seemed like the best idea to have a great and productive season, considering how Halloween this year went. And letContinue reading “The Christmas Notebook”