Quotes part 3 – Creator Extraordinaire Edition

I have more. A lot more. Recap: I collect quotes and quote books. I like to share them with people and I use them in journaling, decor, writing, everything. For this part, the creator extraordinaires are people who’ve done incredible work for good purposes. So, let’s start with… Mr. Rogers Discovering the truth about ourselvesContinue reading “Quotes part 3 – Creator Extraordinaire Edition”

Creepy Stories and the Creepy Life Podcast

If you were unaware, I like creepy things. My hangout spots of choice are cemeteries and spooky places, Vladimir can’t count how many skulls I have in my room (and I lost count at 30), Poe is my favorite author, and I enjoy learning about killers and creepy phenomena. So, I’m gonna share some ofContinue reading “Creepy Stories and the Creepy Life Podcast”

…And Stuff I’ve Learned From It

Last post was about my downward spiral into TikTok. Now, I’m going to share some things I learned from TikTok. I’ll also put their TikTok @s if you have TikTok and want to check them out. (Also, how many times can I type TikTok in one paragraph…) How to get past Snapchats back (@alana.rubin) SodaContinue reading “…And Stuff I’ve Learned From It”

Why Phone Calls Terrify Me (and Some Research About It)

It seems to be a stereotype amongst the Millennials and Gen Z to be afraid of phone calls and making calls. And it seems to be true, in terms of my own self. I hate making phone calls/answering phone calls. It gives me real anxiety and it truly scares me. So I wondered, where didContinue reading “Why Phone Calls Terrify Me (and Some Research About It)”