A Message from All of Us

Everyone has a message for you… From Assistant Edgar: I am taking a break. Miss TG has been busy with various things including school, work, volunteering, and family issues, so I have been stretched thin. As you can imagine, so has Miss TG. However, things can only get better when you’re feeling down. Miss TGContinue reading “A Message from All of Us”

Message from Caregiver Willow

Hello! ^_^ It me, a-Willow! A lot been a-happening in TG home! And because, Alexandra overwhelmed U.U She a-took long nap with a-weight blanket on top, so her a-chest hurt and she a-full of stress U.U It a-okay! ^A^ Alexandra a-try her best, and she will get a-through! You too! You will get a-through! ❤Continue reading “Message from Caregiver Willow”

A Message from Caregiver Willow

Hello! ^_^ It me, a-Willow! I know the world is scary place right a-now! And a-now it June! For those who may a-be scared and don’t want to come out of closet (for necessity or a-otherwise), you don’t a-have to! We still a-love you and support you! And with everything else a-scary, please be a-careful!Continue reading “A Message from Caregiver Willow”

How the Crew Feel About Isolation

Assistant Edgar: “I am still as busy as ever, with working from home and keeping the papers maintained. Not much has changed here, other than Miss Alexandra not leaving the house.” Caretaker Willow: “is awful! people need interaction and hugs and miss alexandra a-not getting that! and others are hurting and is a painful time!Continue reading “How the Crew Feel About Isolation”