A Message from Assistant Edgar

It is 5 November, 2018. Happy Bonfire Night to Miss TG’s U.K. friends. Miss TG is having a struggle with her scheduling, which gives me more work. So, even though I have a lot of paperwork to do, I was also scheduled to give another message. Sometimes your work, your life, or your mind willContinue reading “A Message from Assistant Edgar”

A Message from Certified Black Cat Toothless

Hi! I’m Toothless, and I’m a black cat. I spend my day sleeping, eating, sleeping, snuggling with my human, eating, and being a papa figure to the other cats, since I am the oldest. I love soft food, pets, and sticking my leg out when I lay down. Halloween is coming up. Black cats areContinue reading “A Message from Certified Black Cat Toothless”

A Message From Caregiver Willow

Hello! ^_^ It me, a-Willow! Alexandra been a-sad lately 😥 Carmel was my a-friend, too. Being a-sad okay. No bad in feeling a-sad. Cry if need. Cry okay. I hope to make Alexandra a-happy again! -.- Not forget; just remember good a-times! If a-sad, know that I love you! ❤ You can a-get through this!Continue reading “A Message From Caregiver Willow”