A Graduate’s Advice for College Freshman

College is about to begin again. And that means people are starting a higher education. Guys, I’ve done that twice. After attending a higher education for six and a half years, I have a Masters in addition to a Bachelors degree. And having those six and a half years experience, I have some advice forContinue reading “A Graduate’s Advice for College Freshman”

A Message from Caregiver Willow

Hello! ^_^ I’m a-Willow! I a-help Alexandra with the mental problems! She call me ‘therapist’, but I don’t have the degree! I’m just good at helping! I like to make her feel happy! So for you! I hope you feel a-happy! If not, find a-someone to make you a-happy! Even if kitty like me! ^A^Continue reading “A Message from Caregiver Willow”