Concussions, Stitches, Burns, and Falling Behind

Out of the four adults in this house, three of us suffered some recent injuries. One of us fell and cracked her head on the pavement, causing a concussion and some major body pains. One of us burned his arm during welding class. And one of us had a benign tumor in her back andContinue reading “Concussions, Stitches, Burns, and Falling Behind”

A Serious, Personal Topic (PTSD Triggers)

Alright, friends, this post is going to talk about serious topics, specifically about PTSD. I won’t be going into details about anything, but I know just talking about PTSD can hurt some, so I am letting you know now that I will be talking about PTSD and triggers. If you don’t want to read on,Continue reading “A Serious, Personal Topic (PTSD Triggers)”

Glasgow “Regrets”…or lack thereof

As you may know, I spent a year in Glasgow, Scotland receiving my Masters from the University of Scotland. I was chatting with someone who heard that I had some interesting adventure while I was out there, and since it’s college in a foreign land I probably had something I regretted. But, to be honest,Continue reading “Glasgow “Regrets”…or lack thereof”