At this point, it’s not a surprise. I’ll spare details, but I have two incidents to share for message purposes. I was 15 when I was followed on my way home from soccer practice. Don’t walk alone. And if you must walk alone, be prepared. Pepper spray. Cell phone (don’t look down at it, sinceContinue reading “#metoo”


Being Fat is Unhealthy

That’s the stereotype, right? If you’re a chub, you’re unhealthy, eating nothing but McDonalds and sitting lazily in front of the TV. Genetics, DNA, chemistry, science; they have nothing to do with it. You’re fat because you do nothing, and that’s unhealthy. It’s something I’ve faced my whole life. I’m fat (used as a descriptive,Continue reading “Being Fat is Unhealthy”

Why I Don’t See Myself as Accomplished

Depression. The end. Okay, seriously, I don’t see myself as accomplished, I think, for several reasons. Two of which I’ll talk about. One: comparison. My friends do amazing things, and I’m so proud of them for it. In no way am I trying to diminish them. They are incredible people and deserve all the successContinue reading “Why I Don’t See Myself as Accomplished”