My Thoughts On My Own Blog

The last time I wrote for you guys was 18 November 2020. I said there’d be no post on Friday and then went on a two month hiatus. So, what happened? Three major things: 1. The end of a really rough semester. I was very busy with schoolwork, finals, projects, finding an internship for spring,Continue reading “My Thoughts On My Own Blog”


When the Boycott Comes to an End

Hello, again. So, I’m slowly ending the boycott. I started with TikTok because I watched very specific people after the boycott. Then I entered the land of Pinterest. These two places have been the most positive in my experience and remain so. And now, I’m coming back to my website. I’m still feeling very down,Continue reading “When the Boycott Comes to an End”

An Update to the Website (part 2)

We’re back! Do you like the new color scheme? The new pics? The new menu? Today, I’m going to use my first post back giving you a little tour. On the home page, the only thing that has changed is aesthetics. It’s still my blog where I’ll post (hopefully) every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. ButContinue reading “An Update to the Website (part 2)”