Back from Vacay, and Here’s What’s Happening

I’m back from a nice little vacation. I didn’t have much planned today (due to being bombarded with work after a break), but here’s what you can expect in the next several posts: Book club this Friday, my birthday, making floating candles for a Harry Potter themed classroom, and a message from Chester (who hasContinue reading “Back from Vacay, and Here’s What’s Happening”

Moro Intro part 2 (aka Adopt, Don’t Shop)

Not too long ago I introduced a pup in a blog post. (here, I hope) I wanted to give an update: she has been adopted to a very good home who will train her well. She’s not living with us anymore; we decided to foster her and give her to someone more worthy. Anyway, withContinue reading “Moro Intro part 2 (aka Adopt, Don’t Shop)”