Book Club! (and apology)

So, this month was a roller coaster, huh? Though I didn’t properly announce it, this month was what I call Down Series month. All my posts were super down in the dumps. Reason being, January is a harsh month to go through. Divorce rates get a little higher. Bankruptcy rates shake. Seasonal depression hits. There’sContinue reading “Book Club! (and apology)”

When I Didn’t Have Time to Write a Proper Post

I had an original plan to write another down post for the Down Series, but I ran out of time. So, in order to get this out on time, I’m gonna share some pics of what sucked up a lot of time this weekend: a concert. I went out of state (aka down to Utah)Continue reading “When I Didn’t Have Time to Write a Proper Post”

In the Month of September…

It was my birthday month! And other stuff has happened. Honestly, I don’t know why I start these monthly updates with a little paragraph when I’m gonna give you all the deets in the personal section… In Writing I needed to edit one of my full length plays for reasons. Once those reasons are passed.Continue reading “In the Month of September…”