July is challenge month.

Coming off of Pride Month/PTSD Awareness Month, and right before start-of-school month, I decided to challenge (zing) myself. Something to better myself while giving me something ELSE to do (because I’m a masochist I think).

So, I am challenging myself on EIGHT counts.

For 30 days, and less for some challenges, there is a daily item to do, as follows:

  • Self-Discovery: journal prompts
  • Minimalism: something to do to minimize objects I don’t need
  • Affirmations: a daily affirmation to post in my journal, somewhere on social media, and here on the blog
  • Basic 30 Day: basic writing questions and prompts just to give me an extra something to think about myself

All of this on top of my already challenging commitment contract, work, and my other hobbies.

That’s why it’s challenge month.

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