The Spartan who lives in the basement. A weapons-loving lunatic who sold his soul at a crossroads deal. What he got out of the deal is a complete mystery. Though not as mysterious as why he wears a mask.


One of the roommates. A black-loving Egyptology major. Egypt would’ve consumed her entire life if she hadn’t met her current fiance, who convinced her to start drawing and to watch 80’s action movies. She’s very headstrong, often getting into arguments with Heather.


One of the roommates. A quiet bookworm. Rather than interacting, she prefers to watch and study human behavior. She’s a Psychology major, though her love of books leaves her with a minor in Literary Studies. The only thing she loves more than books is her fiance, who is rarely home.


One of the roommates. A loud-mouthed baker. The only reason she’s in college is to find a husband, and the only reason she’s a Culinary Arts major is to bake more. She pays her way by making jewelry. She has no filter and very little common sense, which often gets her into arguments with Abigail.

Personal Assistant Edgar

One of the cats who work for Alexandra. Smart, witty, and more organized than anyone else. Has an IQ of 295. He handles paperwork and scheduling.

Therapist Willow

One of the cats who work for Alexandra. Caring, loving, and way too trustworthy. So much so, he’s not well-trusted. He handles the emotional side of videos.




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