Just Vinyl comics

Classes lately

The head of the office sends birthday emails for every employee’s birthday so we all can with them a happy birth. Guess who she forgot about…

I hate being poor

A blast from my college Markiplier-viewing past

Inspired by someone else’s post

I’m never coming over to your house


I no longer have a crush but

I cut my hair recently

Being done with a show like

I’m not good at flirting, even on stage

I’m glad people seem to like my stuff

Reason #24601

One time I made an escape room for some middle schoolers

There’s a joke in our production…

Stage me versus Audition me

Hail Poetry

Someone who works as a sub

Don’t tell me what to do

Beauties and the Beast


Some Reasons I Don’e Wear Stage Makeup Outside the Theatre


The truth of drawing


I was better known to draw realistic colored pencil sketches, and I guess others liked that better?


A jealous dog


5 Stages of Sleep Deprivation


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