1. Purge your wardrobe
    • Did a recent purge, so there wasn’t much to do. I was able to say goodbye to three shirts.
  2. Clean your handbag
    • I have a backpack, not quite a handbag. But, man, did I have a lot of gum wrappers.
  3. Toss out old socks
    • And now I have more room in my sock drawer.
  4. Get rid of digital devices
  5. Empty your wallet
  6. Write your friend’s best qualities
  7. Write your best qualities
  8. Journal for 20 minutes
  9. Donate old books
  10. Ditch makeup for the day
  11. Meditate on your day
  12. Spend time with loved ones
  13. Make a gratitude log
  14. Evaluate last five purchases
  15. Stay off all social media for a day
  16. Don’t spend money for 24 hours
  17. Don’t complain all day
  18. Go out without your phone
  19. Venture outdoors
  20. Create a relaxing space
  21. Re-evaluate your to-do list
  22. Declutter your storage
  23. Empty your junk drawer
  24. Turn off notifications
  25. Batch cook meals
  26. Get all of you errands done
  27. Eliminate a toxic relationship
  28. Clear out makeup
  29. Say no to something
  30. Re-purge your wardrobe
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