You want to know more about me? Um, okay.

kylo ren

I’m a creative, introverted, anxious lady in her 20’s. Throughout my life, I’ve had so many bad experiences and so many courageous experiences. During my undergrad, I was sharing some stories with my roommates, who later told me that the stories helped them out in some way. I held onto that aspect and shaped my life around helping others through my own experiences.

I live in the potato state of Idaho, where I share my stories with the cows.

Actually, I started molding fictitious stories and plays around my life lessons, I started making videos on YouTube to help myself learn something I was fascinated with (editing) and to reach out to others, and other creative things that could help me learn/could help others. I even recently achieved my Masters of Letters to help me forge that path more.

As deep and intelligent as that all may sound, I’m really just a big nerd/weeaboo/weirdo who loves books, bullet journaling, Studio Ghibli (and Japan in general), gamer YouTubers, well-done design in a movie or play, skulls, and pickles. I will fangirl with you no matter what it is.

I would consider myself a bit of an oddball, but aren’t we all?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my brain dump that is my blog!




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