Passion Bearer

Playwright, Assistant Director

This was one of the most special projects I’ve worked on. It’s a piece I wrote.

This is a full-length play about the last Empress of Russia, and I tried to be as involved as possible. This script has been in the process of being finalized for years. Finally, I was able to see it performed and get good critique.


The Producers

Assistant Director, Props, Shirley Markowitz

See that angry lady in the red flannel? That’s me!

I was initially brought on simply as an assistant and props, but was also given the tremendously rough opportunity to be on stage as well. This was actually a great experience! Everyone worked real hard, and I felt like I was in control. The show was a success.

Mary Stuart

2015. Dramaturg(e).

Bonus pic of one of our actors in rehearsal. I just loved the lighting.

This was such fun! As the dramaturg, I researched everything I possibly could beforehand and throughout the process to help make an amazing performance. This is one of my proudest works.

1497620_203146969872603_1143070898_n copy

A Christmas Carol

Rexburg Community Theatre. December 2013. Stage manager, Plump Sister.

Yep, another acting gig on top of production. Luckily, she had one line and mostly just giggled.

What I enjoyed about stage managing was the organization of it all. I love being organized; it’s what I love to do (on top of research). And being the most organized person in the room made me feel powerful, as well as keep the production flowing.

The Poor of New York

BYU-I. Fall 2012. Production assistant.

I can’t find any pictures…

Throughout rehearsals, I simply was there for whatever the director needed whether it was moving scenes, reading lines, or setting props.

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