Short Films

My short films tend to be dramatic. They handle issues such as depression, suicide, anxiety, and abuse. Short films were what I wanted to focus on originally, my first video being a short film. I want to spread awareness, but this is also therapeutic for me.

Sinner (see the film here: Sinner)

This was my first short film. It involves the seven deadly sins when it comes to social media. I’ve always been fascinated by the seven deadly sins, the stories and lore behind them, ever since I saw Doctor Faustus at the Utah Shakespeare Festival when I was 13. And in college, not only did I have the undiscovered need to write stories and scripts, I had great actor friends who wanted more experience. I was lucky with Kirk, Kirsten, Maren, and Maddie who all participated, despite being a 100% beginner.

I wanted darkness. I wanted ladies versus a man. I wanted hands coming from the void. I wanted that hands-on approach to show temptation. I wanted drama! Considering it was my first piece, I’m proud of my work.

Erasable (see the film here: Erasable)

Okay. Not my favorite. But here’s the message behind it: everyone is a beautiful person. Everyone has talents. Everyone is worthwhile. I was constantly bullied from elementary school all the way through college. That does something to your psyche. And it’s a constant struggle within myself to remember that I am a worthwhile person. This video was something I did on a whim one day after I got bullied in a class. And it was when I first discovered Markiplier.

Understanding (see the film here: Understanding)

Here’s the first short film that involves suicide. A woman is haunted by her roommate’s decision to take her own life, and she wants desperately to understand. A person’s suicide has an effect, though they may not think so, on others. I wanted to give both perspectives, as victims. We don’t need to understand. Sometimes it’s better if we don’t.

Redemption (see the film here: Redemption)

This short film was one big bummer. It was supposed to be a lengthy piece, but footage got lost or had no sound. What a mess.

The original point of this was the question, ‘what if Death gave you a second chance at life?’ Death gives a young man an opportunity to live the same day if he can show her that his life was worthwhile to stay. The message was supposed to be, ‘every life is worthwhile’. Even if the film was centered on love, every life is worthwhile.

Medication (see the film here: Medication)

The next short film about suicide. This one is more horror than drama. The reason I did this one is because the place I was staying in had a red light in the bathroom and I HAD to use it in a video. The character is in a purgatory-style place after overdosing on her new meds due to depression. Honestly, I didn’t think beyond that, so feel free to make your own messages.

Failure (see the film here: Failure)

Perfection is ugly. I had an instance with a friend in college who was so upset with a B+, and when I talked to her about it, she would talk about being a failure and disappointing her father. It was so sad. My friend was able to raise her grade to an A, but she shouldn’t have to have panic attacks over getting Bs. I just wish certain students and their parents can see that.

Smuggler (see the film here: Smuggler)

A new world. A dystopian world. Basically, it’s my version of The Wizard of Oz. Dorothy is a smuggler, trying to get the shoes into the city. The two in black are my version of the Munchkins. They’re not small, just outsiders. They lead her to the path, and to safety for the night. I actually have a near-complete full version of this story, which obviously includes the Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion, Witch, and Wizard, but I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to doing it.

Who is Charles? (see the film here: Who is Charles?)

This is the only time we get a wee political. Anna is in a government prison (think a more disgusting version of ‘V for Vendetta’) and is desperate to know why she and her fiance have been imprisoned. It turns out that Anna was originally Charles. She had transitioned, which is illegal. And her fiance has been executed for being in a homosexual relationship. It ends with her facing her own execution. People deserve to be happy. People deserve to be who they want to be. If they’re not hurting anyone, it’s not our business. And I wish others thought that way, too.


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