I’ve been doing theatre since I was a kid. Being part of a production makes me so happy.

To introduce you to my world, I put together a…hm…resume of sorts under this menu.

In the Production tab, you’ll find times when I was a dramaturg, a director, a stage manager, and other artistic personnel. Sometimes these will coincide with a few acting roles, and I’ll have made note about it.

In the Acting tab, you’ll find, well, when I’ve acted. When I was onstage in front of audiences.

In the Technical tab, you’ll find when I worked on the production from a technician perspective, whether building sets, making props, or being backstage.

Now, my makeup and cosplay is for fun looks I’ve done. These won’t have anything to do with a production, but rather when I wanted to practice or use it for something else.

And finally, I have a short films tab where I put explanations of short films I have uploaded to my YouTube channel.

Feel free to peruse! If anything is updated, I’ll be sure to make a post about it.

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