I like to write. Writing has been a favorite pastime and hobby since I started middle school. Does that mean I’m good? Does that mean I have original ideas? Does that mean I have stories worth sharing?

I mean, I like to think so.

Here you will find original stories and scripts by me. Fair warning, though, I won’t be putting up full pieces. All writing is edited or cut from a larger story or script.

I hope you enjoy my writing.

Current Contents:

  • Graduating Class of 41–Andrew is graduating with from college with his Bachelors. At the age of 41 years old.
  • The Second Chance Curse–Two girls get a second chance at something most people get one of: a life. They are on a mission, but there’s a curse that lurks behind success.
  • Orientation Apocalypse–Survivors of the outbreak travel through Glasgow on their way to Edinburgh. With their days of walking comes personal conversations.
  • Funeral–A short scene about two people discussing the bleakness of a funeral.
  • Staying in the Heat, Moving in the Cold–A maiden in a tower, kept prisoner by her father the dragon. She longs for freedom, until one day she is greeted by a peasant girl at the base of her tower.
  • The Storm Without–Special youth are imprisoned thanks to physical affects due to recent global changes. A new kid comes in when he is found to be able to read minds.
  • Murders Manor–Ashley and Jessy, recently killed, are taken to a place where others are in the same predicament.
  • Light Blue–A father and son talk before a big event
  • Passion Bearer–The last Empress of Russia is interrogated, and begins remembering moments of her past that’s made her into the tragic figure she is.
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