My Tattoo: Arrow

Hi, my name is Alexandra and I have tattoos.

You may have seen them in videos (I have two as of writing this). But what do they mean?

tattoo arrowPersonally, I only get tattoos that have significant meaning to my life. So the first tattoo I got had, well, several meanings.

It’s an arrow with a sudden heartbeat, drawn in one line.

There are two sayings: “follow your heart” and “follow your arrow”. I try to live by both. Have your desires, but follow through. Don’t doubt yourself. On top of that, I did archery in high school and college, so arrows are significant to me. And heartbeats remind me that I’m still alive considering how many near-death experiences I’ve had.

It’s all in one continuous line because that’s what life is: one life line. You can’t go back, you can’t hop forward. You can’t change lines. However, it is not a straight line. You’ll have ups and downs and loops and lots of squiggles. But it is one line. And with that, the heartbeat represents the ups and downs in life. And yet, I’m still here.

I get a lot of questions about the meaning of my tattoos, but I don’t want to give the full half hour spiel on why I try to remind myself that I am alive, moving forward, and doing the best I can at this moment.




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