Making a Personal Waterfall

waterfall 8 It was midnight. I was waiting for my laundry to finish so that I can have clean sheets to sleep on. So I decided to use my time wisely, and sleepily make something I actually think turned out pretty cool: a personal waterfall.

I call it a personal waterfall because it’s in a tin, in the fashion of being able to carry it around anywhere you go.

Anywho, after starting I realized that I could actually make a DIY post about it for everyone to make their own personal waterfall.

All objects involved I had on deck (meaning it was in my craft trunk), but you can get everything except the hot glue gun at the dollar store, so you should be able to do this super cheaply.

So here’s what you’ll need:

  • a hot glue gun
  • and hot glue, of course
  • a tin
  • tiny garden rocks
  • tape

And that’s it! So let’s do this.

1. Make a spiral (circle) of hot glue on the bottom center of the tin.

2. Surround the spiral with some rocks. We’re making a pool for the waterfall to fall into.

3. Hot glue the lid of the tin so it won’t open or close or move in general. We need it stable for the rocks and, eventually, the waterfall.

4. Make a small tower of rocks on the lid, leaving room to put the flow of the waterfall.

5. Use a strip of tape as the base of the waterfall. Put the edges on the lid where the waterfall will start (on top of your rock tower) and in the middle of the spiral pool.

6. Hot glue the tape. Using the tape as your guide, hot glue strips and streaks from the rock tower to the pool.

7. Cover the bottom of the tin with rocks.

8. Put more rocks on the lid for a rock wall.

waterfall 7

9. Clean up the excess hot glue.

And voila, you have a personal waterfall to put wherever you want.

You can embellish it some more with tiny flowers, dirt, maybe even animals if you can find/make any tiny enough.

Enjoy, and let me know if you do anything like this. I’d love to see!




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