When To Script versus When To Blog

Sometimes I come up with an idea for something to write, but I’ll stop and ask myself: Is this video worthy or blog post worthy? And lately, I’ve been having a harder time trying to figure out which medium to use. 

One one hand, writing on my blog is faster and easier. I’m able to do it on my phone, tablet, or computer. And I always get my feelings out better by writing. On the other hand, there’s more entertainment to watching a video. It’s easier for the audience to view rather than read. And I can add a bunch of animations to get my point across. 

Obviously, I can’t play games on my blog. Nor should I tell longer stories in videos. 

Now, I know I shouldn’t let this kind of stuff get to my head. No one generally cares which idea goes on which site. But, in actuality, I care very much. Which would be a better way to present the idea? Which would the audience prefer? Who am I presenting it to? Will they like it? 

Is it worth it at all?

Let me tell you: it is worth it. Yeah, I’m always concerned about should I script or should I blog. Yeah, I’m concerned about what others think about it. But that doesn’t stop me from doing it. 

Not yet. 

Do what you like, even with the concerns of it in your mind. 




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