Making a Public Waterfall

img_6359That almost sounded bad.

The reason I call it that is because it will be on public display and for public use.

A while back I made a potted plant (find it here) as a lollipop holder for my teacher friend. This time, since the potted plant has died due to the amount of student hands grabbing at it, I am making a lollipop holder that looks like a waterfall!

From earth to water.

Next time the lollipop holder will be on fire.

Also, just letting you know, almost everything I got to make this came from the dollar store. Look at me, saving us money!

So, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Three (clear, maybe?) bowls of different sizes
  • Foam blocks and balls
  • White rocks
  • White sand
  • Seashells
  • Hot glue and gun
  • Knife *dear Heavens, please be safe!!*
  • Paint (super optional)

1. Put some rocks at the bottom of the biggest bowl. This is to add extra weight so that the finished product doesn’t tip over and ruin all your hard work.

2. Glue some foam edges and place into large bowl. This keeps the foam in place for lollipop placement and for the structure of the whole thing.

3. Put rocks around the foam for extra weight and stability.

4. Glue the medium bowl on one side of the large bowl. Make sure you glue the hell out of every corner that touches each other. Once it’s all glued, make sure it’s not going anywhere.

5. In the medium bowl, fill it up with some of the foam balls, so that it’s got some stability for other things to be put on top, but it’s not heavy enough to tip the whole kit and kaboodle over.

6. Cut a piece of the foam block to size, and using the foam balls as leverage, glue a new platform on top of the medium bowl.

7. Glue the small bowl on top of the medium bowl’s platform.

8. Glue a foam ball at the bottom, and, after cutting another ball in half, glue the bottom of the half ball on top of the regular ball.

9. Make a hot glue pool on the half ball. And using the instructions for the personal waterfall (found here), make a nice long waterfall to one of the bottom foam blocks.

9 1/2. Make sure the bottom of the waterfall has a pool, too.

10. Time for decorative pieces! Pour some sand on the bottom foam block (if you want to try to keep it in place, paint some liquid glue on the bottom).

11. Hot glue some seashells around the sand and/or in the water.

12. I wasn’t a big fan of seeing the balls (zing) so I decided to paint all of the glass white.

13. For funsies (and because it’s for younger students) I painted some (kind of lame) cartoon fish on it.

And voila, you have a new lollipop holder.

Until one on fire needs to be made.

Hope you enjoy your time crafting, and if you make one of these yourself,send it to me. I would love to see it!




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