(Sort of) Trying Watercolor

It’s almost the end of Creative Week!


Alright, friends, I took a break from my stress to do some watercolor. Or at least to try it out.

I had one of those cheapy Crayola ones, but it did the job. Obviously, I don’t know much about how watercolor works. The color is janky and the blending is nonexistent.

But I’m still happy.

Taking a break from the hellhole that is currently school (just too stressed and busy lol) doesn’t mean creating substantial art. It just means relaxing your mind. I simply did what I wanted to do that required the least amount of thinking, and this is what came.

When you get creative, whether for yourself or for others, remember to enjoy your craft. Creativity is nothing if it is not enjoyable to some capacity.

So, my janky Mother Earth will be placed somewhere in my library because I like it.



P.S. Special project coming tomorrow. It may come late tomorrow, but it’ll be here.


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