My Website as My Value

During one of my YouTube binges, I was watching a shit-ton of Anna Akana. I’ve mentioned her before, and I enjoy her work. She made a video not terribly long ago about investing in self…with a website (Video here). And it kind of made me think for a while.

Obviously, I have a website (welcome). But it’s definitely more of a blog than a way to show off my work. Yeah, I have writing and art, but is it enough?

I definitely spent time wondering if I’m doing enough and if the website really represents how I value myself and the investment I spend in me.

Now, these thoughts didn’t come from just Anna’s video. It came from one of my greatest enemies: comparison. When I first created this site, I shared with friends on the ever-loving, not-at-all-mentally-draining Facebook. The very next day, a theatre friend published a site of her own. She had so much traffic to her site while I had none. Obviously, not her fault, not her intention. She’s investing in herself, which is great! It’s just me and my dear old friend Comparison that makes me think maybe I have nothing of value to put on my site.

Turns out, I should just keep going whether Comparison bites my head off or not.

My value doesn’t come from my site. Bringing it back to Anna, it’s simply a way to invest in my future and my talents. Comparison can go somewhere else; the website is about me and my interactions with all of you. Even with that said, I’m thinking about some changes to the site.

What would you like to see more of here? What should I add to make it a better investment?

Anyway, to just bring it all together somehow, know your value does not depend on what anyone else is doing and invest in yourself however you believe is best for you.




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