I am Grateful…I Can Still Complain


Until my teacher friend gets her own computer, she’s been borrowing mine for her Zoom meetings with her students. I don’t have issues with it since she only does it twice a week for, like, an hour. After a session, she told me she liked my desk chair.

Now, here’s the thing: I hate my desk chair. The back is ripped, the wheels stick, and what’s worse it sinks every time I sit. I’m a tall lady and need my chair to be tall, but as I start typing or whatever I need to do at my computer it starts to sink and messes up the whole operation (it was actually starting to sink as I type this!)

My teacher friend said that ‘at least I have a desk chair’ or some variation. I am grateful I have something. But I can still complain.

I’m not whining or blaming other people. I’m not being insensitive or talking about it constantly. I’m just expressing my dislike for certain things.

I think this is totally acceptable. Having complaints is totally normal. Being grateful for what you have, sure, but being honest with your feelings.

I’m grateful that I have this chair, but as soon as I have enough money I’m getting a new one.




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