Time for a story!

Something you may not know about me is that I’m actually scared of being an overqualified person. I’m scared I’m gonna be ‘too expensive’ or whatever that I won’t get a job. This fear started back in my college days.

My undergrad operated on a 3 semester schedule: Fall, Winter, and Spring. Students would attend for two semesters and have the third off (plus summer).

Anyway, during my off semester, I would get a job to help with bills and afford travel back to school. After a few off semesters of being the Liberty Tax Dancing Statue of Liberty, I had hoped for something different and heard Walmart was hiring (a rarity in our area, surprisingly). So, I applied.

Important to note was how I was as a student. I was successful in high school earning an advanced diploma with other honors. As well, I was a good student in college, with a high GPA and scholarship. I am not at all trying to show off, this is just part of the story.

After I applied, I received a message very quickly that told me they could not accept my application because I was overqualified for the position.


I’m just a poor college student trying to make money in my off semester. Does having an education and good grades really deny me a job? It freaked me out.

Ever since then (plus a few stories told me overqualified people are too expensive to hire) I’ve always had a worry that I will become too expensive and overqualified for work.

I’m sure things have changed at Walmart, particularly that local Walmart, since then, and I’m on my way to a second Masters. We just gotta make it work, don’t we?

Also, if you were curious, I got a job at 7-Eleven that off-semester…




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